The Digs

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Whilst we are not the Waldorf-Astoria, we have done our best to make sure that your stay is comfortable.

"Our Hosts have made their passion into a livelihood and that can be seen in all the lovely little things they have done around the cottage. "
- Ramya, March 2013

We designed the accommodation so that it is self sufficient and offers privacy while enjoying the benefits of the main house and its surroundings. That way, we can still sleep if your snoring puts a wild bison to shame (did we mention you can occasionally see some. However you are not allowed to hunt them. It's against the law... though the law doesn't specify whether it's illegal to ride them).

The Accommodation comes with an attached bath and a small kitchenette and is furnished to make it comfy and cosy (If your partner finds the room too cosy and wishes to lounge around while you want to be up and about, we will help you drag him/her out of bed for a nominal fee). It has an independent entry from our driveway, a small covered patio and a private lawn with outdoor seating.

The Kitchenette is equipped enough for you to rustle up a quick meal for yourselves, should you wish to stay in. And Guys - if your culinary abilities are limited to just boiling water, be nice to your ladies and atleast do the dishes.

Complimentary breakfast is normally included unless you prefer to be left alone. Dinner can be served up at an additional cost but needs prior notice. We would encourage you to grab a bite at some of the good eateries we can recommend in town….food is their business after all!!!

* We are more than happy to arrange for any additional equipment or ingredients needed based on availability. BBQ Grill/Charcoal can be provided for the adventurous. However we regret to say that BBQ'ing of wildlife and endangered species is not permitted.

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