The Cast of Characters

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"Serenità" is home to a family of three who decided to escape the rat race and enjoy a slower pace of life. So our home is somewhat less crowded and busy than Mumbai VT Station on Monday mornings.

"We went as strangers but made some lovely friends. Someone has rightly said, its the people that make the place, and the hosts simply live up to it "
- Rahul, Dec 2013
"The chef's culinary skills are exemplary for to be able to cook up a variety of cuisines without repetition for a family that stayed for a week only speaks volumes for the breath of the spread. Add to this their music collection that they so willingly share, and one cannot ask for more! "
- Vasant, Oct 2012

For most of our lives, we've been used to having friends over, making themselves at home, sharing our food, listening to good music and having a good time. So much so, we decided to do this for a living! our passion... maybe our obsession too!!! Our Chef is mostly found ruffling through her huge collection of cookbooks, parchments of hand me down recipes, trying out anything and everything she can stir up with what’s around the house. Not to forget the various exotic ingredients she stocks up from her travels to the plains. Think twice before you ask her about a recipe for she might give you a shopping list for your next trip…to feed you of course...

Dishes from down South to the delicacies of the North, from some offbeat Sichuan cuisine to a variety in Continental fare, some hand me down specialities or maybe an impromptu snack...she can churn out a huge variety of cuisine while adding her personal touch to it. All she needs is someone interested to say a YES and be kind to give her a heads up...

Needless to say, our friends always left with happy memories, expanded waistlines and maybe a slight hangover. We will do our best to make sure your stay is memorable too.

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